I've had terrible memory problems for years from Alcohol, but after my Naturopath Dr. recommended NaturaClear my desire to drink is gone!


A proven track record

Below you will see a variety of unedited endorsements emailed to us from past users. There is just one reason NaturaClear has won such overwhelming acceptance... IT WORKS! (Note: If you would like to share your feedback with us, please feel free to contact our Customer Care Team. We honor the wishes of respondents who want to remain anonymous.)

"I don't know who to write to but I have been taking your NaturaClear for 6 weeks now and I want to tell you that you have saved my life... This is a miracle product!!! I have been an alcoholic for years and this is the first product that has actually calmed my mind without any of the side effects. No mood swings, loss of sex drive or weight gain. The racing thoughts are GONE... I will be walking somewhere and stop for a moment and smile and think to myself... "I love not thinking about having a drink". It feels so wonderful to think normal, everyday thoughts without alcohol in my life."

- Thank you so much, Bill

"I've drank for over 15 years. Before I quit I was up to a bottle of vodka a day. My fiancée was starting to have a huge problem with my drinking, too. She couldn't stand being around a drunk any longer.

I finally decided to quit at 32 with the help of NaturaClear. At first, I actually counted out the pills and looked forward to taking them in place of drinking. It was tempting to cheat sometimes, but I never slipped. My fiancée helped a lot. She would email me during the day and ask how I was doing. She was always there urging me on.

After I quit, my energy and mood increased right away. Also, my cravings to drink were mostly gone in a week. I knew I was in bad shape, but I had no idea how alcohol was affecting my lif until I stopped drinking. That's why I decided to jog a bit. I really enjoyed it, and now I run 5K and 10K races. What a difference a few months can make. I haven't had a drink since my quit date. Now I hope to run a marathon in the future. But first my fiancée and I are planning a wedding."

- Josh, Tampa Bay

"My sister has tried to quit drinking ever since she had liver cancer about 9 years ago. She has tried everything from treatment centers to prescriptions. NaturaClear is the only thing that has helped her. She is now 6 months smoke free without craving. This is the longest she has stayed sober. Now I'm going to quit drinking."

- Judith J.

"I spent the past ten years as an alcoholic. My habit reached about $800 a week at its peak. For the past two years, I had tried just about every "quit" treatment out there with little to no luck. Thank you for this god send product!!!"

- Anonymous

"Thank you so much. I recently went thru a divorce and a major move from Arizona to South Carolina not knowing exactly what to expect. I gave up drinking at the wrong time! My nerves took a major turn for the worse I was not sleeping, not eating, crying, and headaches, shaking... When I finally did go to sleep I would talk to myself driving myself insane, so when I finally did wake up I felt like I hadn't slept. I have a four-year-old son and this was affecting him as well. I don't have medical insurance right now because of the divorce, so I looked these pills up and ordered them. I don't know exactly when I noticed the change. I am still not sleeping all the way thru but I can tell you now I feel 500% better. I still have VERY few symptoms. I WANTED TO THANK YOU! Without you, I wouldn't know what to do!! You saved my life. I really believe that... And it’s only been just over a week... Again THANK YOU!"

- Rick

"Fortunately, I found NaturaClear and now, after just a week-and-a-half of use, I am absolutely sober. No cravings, no withdrawals, and I feel better than I have in years. I am telling everyone I know about your amazing product. For all alcoholic's wondering if this will work for you? I promise it has for me. God bless you."

- Anonymous

"Hi, I recently got hired for a new job thanks to your company. I was required to take a drug test before I was to be hired, and I was a little more than concerned, as I pretty much drink all day/night - I was freaked out. Needless to say, I used the detox supplement before going in for the blood test. Results were returned spotless! I'm now using the addiction supplements to stay sober! Thanks!"

- Steven M. Jenkins, Memphis, TN

"After being an alcoholic for over 8 years I had given up on ever quitting drinking. It was also embarrassing. My friends had quit, but I couldn't. I had tried all of the usual approaches; acupuncture, rehab and self-hypnosis, etc. None of them worked until I tried NaturaClear. In less than one week I had entirely lost my desire to drink! That was over 6 months ago and I have remained sober since. I hope other people will read this testimonial and try NaturaClear. It's easy and it works!"

- Teresa Janick, Palatine, IL

"Dear NaturaClear, The products you recommended have more than lived up to their billings. Josh is doing better now than he has been in the past 6 years and after numerous attempts with treatment centers. My wife and I have noted a tremendous positive change in him and it is wonderful. I am grateful beyond words to NaturaClear and its team. We have reordered the product and will keep him on it for now. I assure you that I will recommend your products to anyone I talk with. AGAIN, A MILLION THANKS FOR THE HELP YOU HAVE BEEN!"

- Best Wishes, William and Cindy

"My son bought the NaturaClear products for me. He had heard from a friend that it works. I was a little skeptical. I have been an alcoholic for 10 years and have tried many times and many ways to quit but have never succeeded.

However, to please my son I started taking the tablets for about a week and saw a difference, I was down to 2 drinks a day from 12! I sleep better and feel calmer. Then, after a month...

I was totally amazed that there were no cravings or withdrawals as with the other times I tried to quit. This was so much easier than I ever thought it was going to be. I'm now using the addiction supplement, only when I have the urge to drink. My stomach problems have gone away and my sex drive has returned! My doctor is really proud of me. Better yet, my kids are, too."

- Larry Burkholder, Sarasota, FL

"I found your web site when I was searching for help with my drinking problem and after buying your supplement and finding my desire to drink went away in 5 weeks, I thought I would write you a testimonial. I never would have believed that it could be this easy. I was sober within 3 months as you said. Everybody should try this no risk product."

- Tim Hansen, Brookline, MA

"I've drank for years. Today, I am sober and never had any fits (no cravings or withdrawal symptoms). Yes! It does work! I would recommend NaturaClear to everyone that wants to quit drinking." I feel and look better than ever! My head is clearer and I have more energy than ever before! If I’m in a situation where there is alcohol, I just take NaturaClear and my urge to drink is gone!"

- Rice Sanders, Las Vegas, NV

"I just want to tell you I have been taking your product for the past 8 months. I haven't felt this good in so long. I am happy and I find myself with a positive attitude every day. I’ve never had this much effect from any herbal supplement! I actually feel the difference. Lol sorry for doubting your product."

- Anonymous

"I want to thank you for the great e-mail support, and the excellent advice you gave me to help stop drinking, everything you said was on the money. I took NaturaClear and am now sober, you are a lifesaver I will remember your web site and recommend you to everyone I know!"

- Anonymous

"Looking at me no one would guess that a highly successful family man would be having the kind of weekends I enjoy and with NaturaClear around they never will! My wife also uses this product to detoxify; she says she's never had so much energy!"

"I gave a few different products a try online just to see which worked best, half of the business either didn't ship in time or their product had shown no results. While researching one last product to try out NaturaClear's website came up so I decided to give it a try, they came through with fast discreet shipping, impeccable service and an excellent presentation. I am very satisfied."

- Barb Fetzier, CA

"I have already recommended your product to a friend since I’ve been sober, and will happily do so in the future. Thank you again. It has been a hassle-free pleasure dealing with you."

- Tyler Combs, ID

"I would like to thank you for your excellent service, having recently purchased NaturaClear from your company. The online service felt so fast and easy the service was way, way above any other in-store service. Your site shows excellent knowledge of all the goods and helped me a great deal! The item was delivered to me exactly on time with not one bit of trouble! Once again thanks, and you will be recommended."

- Theresa, CA

"I was worried about wasting my money buying an online product other than going to a rehab center but I thought I would give it a try, and I love it, its discreet so I don’t have to be embarrassed, and it makes me feel so happy."

- Rob, TX

"I just started taking NaturaClear on 8/15 and I feel 100% better. This truly is a miracle from God and with his help being an alcoholic is no longer a problem in my life. I still can't believe it. Thank you so much for this product. I was skeptical at first but desperate. I truly have found the solution for my problem. I do have to say, it works as fast as you claim as well, and I love it!"

- Joy, NY

"I bought this for my BF, he no longer drinks! He now has a job and has his drive back…I don’t know how to thank you. I had him in and out of rehab centers and they never worked, usually he’d be right back to drinking within weeks of coming home. Now he’s off for good and all for less than $150. We are in so much debt from the treatment centers so your product is a god send!"

- Tamala

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